Friday, January 4, 2013

Scientific Computing Going Mobile/Embedded

I follow both the Octave and Maxima user mailing lists (I learn more from the Maxima list, but the Octave one still throws up a gem every now and then). I am also a founding member of the Dayton Diode hackerspace. So it was interesting to see some things of interest to makers/hackers pop-up on those two lists.

The first was a thread on the Octave list about installing Octave and the Octave Forge packages on a Raspberry Pi. In theory it should be as easy as any other Debian system using the package manager for the distribution. No word back from the OP yet on whether it works in practice or not.

The second thread to pop up was on the Maxima list about installing Maxima on Android systems. Maxima-on-Android is apparently a bundle on Google Play of Maxima 5.28.0, Gnuplot 4.6, Mathjax 2.1 and Qepcad 1.69. I have not played with it yet on any of my Android devices.

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