Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A One-Equation Local Correlation-Based Transition Model

This article is available for free download until 15 Oct 2015, h/t ANSYS blog.

Here's the Abstract:
A model for the prediction of laminar-turbulent transition processes was formulated. It is based on the LCTM (‘Local Correlation-based Transition Modelling’) concept, where experimental correlations are being integrated into standard convection-diffusion transport equations using local variables. The starting point for the model was the γ-Re θ model already widely used in aerodynamics and turbomachinery CFD applications. Some of the deficiencies of the γ-Re θ model, like the lack of Galilean invariance were removed. Furthermore, the Re θ equation was avoided and the correlations for transition onset prediction have been significantly simplified. The model has been calibrated against a wide range of Falkner-Skan flows and has been applied to a variety of test cases.
Keywords: Laminar-turbulent transition, Correlation, Local variables
Authors: Florian R. Menter, Pavel E. Smirnov , Tao Liu, Ravikanth Avancha

Transition location, and subsequent turbulence modeling remain the largest source of uncertainty for most engineering flows. Even for chemically reacting flows the source of uncertainty is often less the parameters and reactions for the chemistry, and more the uncertainty in the fluid state driven by shortcomings in turbulence and transition modeling.