Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Devil Take the Hindmost

More Google Data fun:

The local Chemineer boys are striking, funny comments from DDN:
The city of Atlanta and the State of Georgia would happily welcome all of the manufacturing facilities and corporate offices of Chemineer into our productive, low tax and right to work state.
Why worry with the burdens of constrictive Union contracts and astronomical wages? Property taxes and operating expenses are much lower down here and we'd welcome you with open arms.
NCR has already made the switch - you can too! Say good-bye to unions and hello to sunny Atlanta!
ComeOnDown 9:45 AM, 3/9/2010
Capital always wins out, it's nearly as fluid and mobile as ideas. The Boeing machinists thought they could hold the company management over the barrel because of the big new 787 development, and management opened a second line in South Carolina (rather than bring outsourced sub-assemblies 'back home' to Seattle). What makes Chemineer's Dayton operation any better than an equivalent facility and folks down south of the Mason-Dixon?


  1. Wage and capital distribution is a very interesting topic. I don't think there is any concept of steady-state and the flow of jobs will remain in motion as long as we need to show productivity growth.

    Some fresh analysis here:

    BTW, still reviewing your stochastic collocation post.

  2. I liked your econophysics article (I really like that the same basic ideas provide insight into birds or bucks or oil discovery).

    Let me know if there's something in that post that I glossed over too quickly; I tend to write them as notes for me, so they sometimes tend towards terse.

  3. Glossing over things is OK in my book. The important point is that you make a valiant effort towards understanding how uncertainty plays in modeling and analysis, and so we now know the questions to ask.