Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Latex for Blogging

I've been using htlatex command that comes with the tex4ht package to generate images of nicely typeset equations for use in my blog posts. There are several alternatives for turning latex into html. This article has a decent overview of a few of the methods you might use if you want to have a single tex source file for publishing on the web and on paper. I'm not that serious about my content management. I don't mind a little manual cutting and pasting.

I tried using latex2html, but that is really more suited for processing a large structured document and turning it into a large, structured set of web-pages. All I need is equations, so htlatex is sufficient. If I have a list of equations in 'example.tex', then the command:

$ htlatex example.tex

Produces png image files of all the equations right there in that directory, it even includes the equation labels and alternative text in the generated html, which latex2html does not do. I've noticed that the images generated for a 12pt document look a little better (because they are bigger) when you insert them into a post.

If you're a Fedora user, getting this useful little tool is as easy as

$ yum -y install tetex-tex4ht

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