Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Since Google Reader went away I lost the easy way to share interesting articles. This post is a place to drop comments with links to interesting articles and things that don't rise to the level of a full post.


  1. Interesting article about applying group testing to pandemic surveillance. I've thought it would be neat to apply to verification testing of complex software.

  2. The City is not Neutral
    "Cities are complex adaptive systems—or more accurately, many systems of systems that allow the unique civil, social, and economic conditions that originally drove cities’ development and continue to allow the city to survive as an optimized hub of a large civilization. Like other complex systems, when it is touched, it changes..."

  3. So grateful that I've had awesome, meaningful jobs my whole career. Sad to hear so many folks think their work is BS.
    On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs: A Work Rant

  4. How to Make Your Arguments Stronger (Hint: Longer Is Not the Answer)
    dilution effect: "...when you introduce irrelevant or even weak arguments, those weak arguments reduce the weight of your overall argument."

  5. Most Research in Deep Learning is a Total Waste of Time - Jeremy Howard | AI Podcast Clips

    “you get just a whole lot of research which is minor advances in stuff that’s been very highly studied, and has no significant practical impact”

  6. Replies
    1. this is how good investment decisions should be evaluated in any era: "executives should link investment and capture more fundamentally and consider the gain in probability-of-win and probability-of-go that each marginal investment dollar can bring"

      it doesn't make sense to invest in either something that's a sure win or a sure loss, evaluating on the margin (where can the marginal dollar have the biggest impact on pushing win probability towards 1) is where the smart money should already be