Thursday, January 9, 2014

Phil Roe: Colorful Fluid Dynamics

Echos of Tufte in one of his introductory statements: "It's full of noise, it's full of color, it's spectacular, it's intended to blow your mind away, it's intended to disarm criticism." And further on the dangers of "colorful fluid dynamics":
These days it is common to see a complicated flow field, predicted with all the right general features and displayed in glorious detail that looks like the real thing. Results viewed in this way take on an air of authority out of proportion to their accuracy.
--Doug McLean
This lecture is sponsored by MConneX.

Roe wraps up the lecture by referencing a NASA sponsored study, CFD Vision 2030, that addresses whether CFD will be able to reliably predict turbulent separated flows by 2030. The conclusion is that advances in hardware capability alone will not be enough, but that significant improvements in numerical algorithms are required.

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