Thursday, September 26, 2013

GE Jet Engine Bracket Challenge: Phase I Winners

I wrote previously about some neat entries in the GE Engine Bracket Challenge on GrabCAD that used topology optimization. As reported by GE, they have picked their winners from Phase I. Phase I consisted of simulating the submitted parts in several different load cases and ranking them by how much weight the designer was able to shave off.
Located around the world, finalists include:
  • Ármin Fendrik, based in Hungary, is a third-year university student and this entry is among his first 3D printing designs.
  • Thomas Johansson, Ph.D, based in Sweden, is a consultant for a Swedish hyper-car manufacturer and is a champion snowmobile drag racer.
  • Nic Adams, based in Australia, supported the installation of a pathology lab automation system in a Sydney hospital, which includes a robotic handling system that helps analyze hundreds of test tubes each day.
  • M Arie Kurniawan, based in Indonesia, is co-founder of an engineering firm that provides high quality mechanical engineering, design optimization and product design services.
  • Sebastien Vavassori, based in the United Kingdom, is a stress engineer for a leading European space manufacturer and service provider.
  • Piotr Mikulski, based in Poland, works as a rapid prototyping systems specialist for a Polish-Swiss joint-venture that provides industrial and machining services.
  • Andreas Anedda, based in Italy, is a postgraduate university student and holds three patents.
  • Alexis Costa is based in France.
  • Mandli Peter is based in Hungary.
  • Fidel Chirtes is based in Romania.
These winner from Phase I will have their designs "printed" in Titanium and then tested by GE to determine the winners for Phase II.

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