Saturday, May 14, 2011

International Journal for Uncertainty Quantification Latex Template

I had a bit of trouble getting the Latex document class, ij4uq.cls, for the new International Journal for Uncertainty Quantification to work on my install of Fedora 14, so I figured I'd share my recipe for making it work. The editor and journal support staff were very helpful with quick responses and useful pointers.

First you need to download IJ4UQ Latex Template and unzip that in a convenient location.

[jstults@grafton ij4uq]$ unzip
This creates a directory with the ij4uq.cls file you need to make documents for the journal. Instead of the standard article class you'll have something like
at the top of the Latex document. The zip file also contains author instructions, a latex template document, a readme and instructions on installing the Palatino font which is required by the journal style.

The reason I had so much trouble getting this style to work is that Fedora still uses TexLive 2007. There is an effort underway to update things to TexLive 2010 for Fedora 15. Until that becomes standard, you have to turn on a development repository and install texlive. Unless you want to really break your distro and install the styles by hand. However, the sane way is to use the package management system as much as possible.

Second you need to turn on the development repo and update (or if you don't already have texlive installed, then install texlive).

[root@grafton ij4uq] rpm -i [root@grafton ij4uq] yum clean all && yum update
Warning: this is a fairly significant download. Be prepared to go do something else while this crunches.

Third, try to compile the template document. It will likely break because you don't have all of the required *.sty files. Since you are running the sweet new development version of texlive, you can specify these to yum as they apear in the Latex error messages. This saves you from needing to track down which Fedora package provides the particular style file you are missing. This one-liner should get you most of the way there.

[root@grafton ij4uq] yum install 'tex(arial.sty)' 'tex(sectsty.sty)' 'tex(appendix.sty)' 'tex(changebar.sty)' 'tex(nicefrac.sty)' 'tex(lineno.sty)' 'tex(overpic.sty)' 'tex(stfloats.sty)' 'tex(textfit.sty)'

Fourth, you need to fix the unfree floatflt.sty.

[root@grafton ij4uq] mkdir -p /usr/share/texmf-texlive/tex/latex/floatflt [root@grafton floatflt] cd /usr/share/texmf-texlive/tex/latex/floatflt [root@grafton floatflt] rm -f floatflt.* float*.tex [root@grafton floatflt] wget [root@grafton floatflt] wget [root@grafton floatflt] latex floatflt.ins [root@grafton floatflt] texhash

Fifth, you need to update the font maps for the new fonts.

[root@grafton ij4uq] updmap-sys --enable Map /usr/share/texlive/texmf-dist/fonts/map/dvips/palatino/

That's it. Now the ij4uq.cls template document that comes with the zip file should compile on your (only slightly broken) Fedora 14.

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  1. Gotchya: texlive-asymptote is broken

    $ yum remove texlive-asymptote
    $ yum install --disablerepo=texlive asymptote

    $ which asy
    should give: /usr/bin/asy