Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Maxima Wiki

My favorite computer algebra system has a new wiki, from the Maxima mailing list (with slight edits to make the links work):

I've set up a new Maxima wiki at

You should have a SF account to edit the wiki, see

There are some pages recovered from the old wiki. Please, check the old wiki dump before recreating pages (do not write them from scratch). Eventually I'll copy it to the

Note that the MediaWiki markup differs from the PHPWiki markup. Consult the MediaWiki manual

Setting Orange, Aftermath 28 YOLD 3174
Alexey Beshenov

If you haven't used Maxima before, give it a try. It can do much of what the commercial packages (Mathematica, Maple, MathCad) can do, and it's free software.

As I wrote a while back, it can be really handy for developing numerical software in Fortran or Python (with F2Py).

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