Friday, December 11, 2009

Lord Monckton on Climategate

Pointed at by theAirVent:

Lord Monckton on Climategate at the 2nd International Climate Conference from CFACT EUROPE on Vimeo.

Gore isn't the only one who can make propaganda...just for entertainment purposes, don't go re-jiggering your economy based on this video, but enjoy.

Ha ha, traffic light tendency:

Calling those guys from East Anglia crooks is a bit over the top (they are just stealth advocates), but it's still entertaining.

Do you validate?

To sum up:

Indeed, much of what is presented as hard scientific evidence for the theory of global warming is false. "Second-rate myth" may be a better term, as the philosopher Paul Feyerabend called science in his 1975 polemic, Against Method.

"This myth is a complex explanatory system that contains numerous auxiliary hypotheses designed to cover special cases, as it easily achieves a high degree of confirmation on the basis of observation," Feyerabend writes. "It has been taught for a long time; its content is enforced by fear, prejudice and ignorance, as well as by a jealous and cruel priesthood. Its ideas penetrate the most common idiom, infect all modes of thinking and many decisions which mean a great deal in human life ... ".
Times Higher Education -- Beyond Debate?

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