Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A winning combination: Intel and Heineken

I just got a little Atom-based Intel board to play around with and it currently resides in a rubermaid container as its case. I've also been enjoying the new Heineken draught kegs, so I have a few empties sitting in my kitchen floor. This led to the obvious question:

Can a little Atom motherboard

fit inside a Heineken Draught keg?

These new Atom based boards are little mini-itx form factor, that's ~6.93x6.93". The little micro ATX power supplies are ~5x4x3" and a hardrive is ~3.5x5x1". So it might be just a tad to close on the diameter to be able to slide the motherboard right in.

That would be a pretty sweet case though...

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  1. Gee whiz, I put up one short little post about my new little Atom board, and now all of my AdSense ads are for Intel ...

    I guess the guys hawking Fortran compilers and computer algebra systems don't have quite their ad budget.