Thursday, November 6, 2008

2008 Election Outcome

This is not a political blog, but the Economist has a pretty good article out on John McCain that I felt like commenting on. The last line sums it up: "...pity, there are few better men in American politics".

While he is a very different man than his fellow Naval Academy grad Jimmy Carter, both are men of high integrity, who took that academy training in "duty, honor, country" seriously, and lived it in their public lives after their military service. Though I wasn't alive for the Carter presidency, so I only know it was ineffective from reading about it, I have been alive for President Carter's active work with Habitat for Humanity and his attempts at peace brokering around the world. I think it's safe to say that he embodies Christian ideals of service and peace-seeking. While John McCain is not a paragon of Christian values, he is an exemplar of honesty and sacrifice in public service.

It's too bad that such good men are such unsuccessful politicians in our country. Hopefully Senator McCain's public service after his unsuccessful presidential bid will be as good for the world as President Carter's continues to be following his unsuccessful presidency. Either way, they are a couple of Academy grads I'm proud of (even if they did go to the wrong academy).

Go Air Force, Sink Navy, Beat Army!

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