Monday, September 30, 2013

CFD V&V Case Resources

This list is from a discussion on the CFD group on LinkedIn.
  • CFDOnline Validation and Test Cases: wiki with problem descriptions and some calculation results but not case files / grids (on the handful that I checked)
  • ERCOFTAC Classic Collection: "The database has undergone some re-structuring and expansion to include, amongst other things, more details of the test cases, computational results, and results and conclusions drawn from the ERCOFTAC Workshops on Refined Turbulence Modelling. At the moment, each case should contain at least a brief description, some data to download, and references to published work. Some cases contain significantly more information than this." Registration required.
  • LaRC Turbulence Modeling Resource: " The objective is to provide a resource for CFD developers to obtain accurate and up-to-date information on widely-used RANS turbulence models, and verify that models are implemented correctly. This latter capability is made possible through "verification" cases. This site provides simple test cases and grids, along with sample results (including grid convergence studies) from one or more previously-verified codes for some of the turbulence models. Furthermore, by listing various published variants of models, this site establishes naming conventions in order to help avoid confusion when comparing results from different codes."
  • CFD and Coffee: a list of resources focused on compressible RANS V&V.
  • cfd-benchmarks: benchmarks focused on room air distribution
  • Saturne Test Cases: a list of test cases for Code Saturne, which also links the Working Group 21 AGARD database among others
  • NPARC Alliance Verification and Validation Archive: grids available, but not much grid convergence info
  • Vassberg's NACA 0012 Grids: Hegedus Aero code-to-code calcs based on 2009 AIAA paper / grids for NACA 0012
I added the link to a Hegedus Aero page detailing his code-to-code and grid convergence results based on a previous AIAA paper and those same grids. The AIAA paper that page is based on is worth a read.


  1. Hello, it is nice that this information is collected here; but before posting you should have been verified the the info. For one, not all the links are really working.

    Best regards

    1. Thanks for your comment. The NASA links don't work right now because of the US government shutdown. I did check all the links before posting, but by a weird coincidence this post happens to have gone up on the last day of the government fiscal year (when NASA still had money to operate). Check back again once a continuing resolution or appropriations bill is passed by both houses of Congress and signed by the President...

    2. I just checked the NASA links. They are working again since a continuing resolution was passed. This only funds the government until mid-Jan, so get your V&V fix while you can!