Monday, January 14, 2013

Maxima Related Lisp Tutorials

In this previous post I mentioned that I learn a lot from the Maxima mailing list.

There was a recent question (somewhat frequently asked) about how to learn Lisp to be a better Maxima user / developer that is a great example of that. The thread is called Lisp tutorial. The original poster has a simple request:
I have enjoyed using Maxima to solve differential equations. I would like
to learn lisp to complement Maxima. Can any of the maintainers of Maxima
(or others for that matter) recommend a lisp tutorial?
Many thanks

Ronald F. Modesitt

The list responded with a variety of resources.
Norvig's PAIP (which I was quite happy to get as a present over the holidays) is especially relevant to Maxima users. Chapter 8, Symbolic Mathematics: A Simplification Program, has a simple symbolic algebra implementation, and Chapter 15, Symbolic Mathematics with Canonical Form, has a more capable solution. Both chapters are modeled on Maxima.

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