Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TSA Screening, Terminal 2, SAN, Nov. 13, 2010

"If you touch my junk, I'll have you arrested."

TSA's security theater is an emerging threat to our Constitutional Republic.


  1. W.M Briggs on TSA buffoonery:
    Conclusion: Napolitano’s GPG screening program has no skill. It has caught no one (no true positives), it has an incredibly high rate of pestering innocent passengers (nearly all true negatives), and when it does find something it always turns out to be harmless (a large number of false positives), and worst of all it has missed all instances of people truly sneaking on destructive devices (as far as we know).

  2. Extreme maker and all-around bare metal hacker Jeri Ellsworth cobbled together this DIY TSA-like body scanner using a feed horn from a surplus satellite dish, an optical mouse, some components, and copious amounts of hot glue.
    DIY body scanner

  3. Pilot Defends Video Critical Of Airport Security.

    ABC World News (12/28, story 5, 0:45, Muir) reported Chris Liu, the pilot whose "cell phone video showed how the ground crews" at San Francisco International Airport "can enter secure areas without undergoing security that passengers and pilots and their crew go through," appeared on ABC's "Good Morning America" yesterday. Liu is shown saying: "I don't think I was jeopardizing the safety. All I wanted to do was identify just the disparity between upstairs and downstairs."

    "There have been numerous articles written about this security problem, and I just wanted to address it," said Liu, according to the AP (12/28). "I didn't really think that anybody was watching YouTube, so I didn't really think much of it." AP noted the pilot "has been suspended from a federal anti-terrorism program that let him carry a gun on planes, and the TSA is investigating whether he revealed sensitive information."

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    The director gets mad when you destroy the audience's illusion at the security theater show.