Sunday, April 12, 2009

Maxima Latex Listings

The listings package is a really nice way to include typeset source-code listings in Latex documents. I wanted to include an appendix in one of my documents to show the Maxima calculations I used to arrive at some results shown in the paper. Unfortunately Maxima is not one of the (many, many) built-in languages recognized by the package. I tried using C, because the comments in Maxima are like C comments, but it doesn't handle single quotes (used to get noun forms like 'diff()) well. So, how to include listings of Maxima code in Latex?

It turns out to be really easy to define your own language in the preamble of the document.


All this definition does is italicize comments and bold face the keywords, which is sufficient to make the code more readable and pleasant looking. Here's an example screenshot of the results:

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